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  • On the pref. page it show my reg. email address correctly. I even did a copy from that page and paste into my email and sent it to myself.
    by John on Nov 3rd, 12:59
  • okay took the pluge purchsed the premium deal. maybe I will be able to get your emails now ?
    by John on Nov 3rd, 12:00
  • I not sure even if I want to purchase the premium deal if the times cant be fixed. I have checked settings a dozen times and all looks fine.
    by John on Nov 3rd, 12:06
  • Okay I see below that you have verified the acount. Still no emails to my email address and they are not in any type of spam folder?
    by John on Nov 3rd, 12:29
  • John, we have verified the account and replied to your email request. Could it be that emails from us are going to your Spam folder ?
    by HandyMan7 on Nov 3rd, 11:14
  • I would probally look for something else if I can't get any help or support to fix my problems. I have not recived any reply's from support.
    by John on Nov 3rd, 10:06
  • Also I can't get a verification request sent to me to even verify my account so I can purchase the premium package.
    by John on Nov 3rd, 10:50
  • All my times are exactly one hour off. I have the right time zone selected ? what to do?
    by John on Nov 3rd, 10:57
  • HOW do i edit Related Info?
    by sgtX on Oct 31st, 15:26
  • I am going thru each entry & the time was not synced correctly! how can that be prevented I have hundreds of entrys to re-edit.
    by sgtX on Oct 31st, 15:29
  • can we change the time to am/pm? instead of 24 hrs?
    by sgtX on Oct 31st, 15:12
  • just logged infor the first time, and sync my info. but the info for my last few entrys is different from what I entered on the phone. why?
    by sgtX on Oct 31st, 15:29
  • Ayush Refer FAQ for pairing code
    by HandyMan12 on Oct 12th, 13:21
  • Whats up with printing my logs??? I would have paid for the app. but this a poor way to do a register user....
    by Dan on Oct 11th, 16:33
  • We are introducing Premium Service therefore we have made updates to the website today.
    by HandyMan7 on Oct 10th, 17:13