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  • It would be nice to seperate breakfast lunch and dinner as a seperate graph lines
    by WiFiPiR8 on Dec 11th, 10:34
  • Is there a way to print details on insulin logs. I paid $16.00 for the full year online and cant print whats up I want my money back
    by Cee Cee K on Dec 10th, 22:23
  • The Graph for insulin does not seam to function
    by ginch on Dec 8th, 17:22
  • Hager refer FAQ
    by HandyMan12 on Dec 5th, 03:04
  • I can not find my pairing code.
    by Hager on Dec 4th, 19:42
  • I confirmed the settings in the App and on the website are set to mmol/l, however, the App reverts back to mg/dl evertime I exit and re-ente
    by Jason on Nov 23rd, 12:00
  • Jason Check the time setting in your web account. Similarly the change in entries from mmol/l to mg/dl is due to preference settings.
    by HandyMan12 on Nov 18th, 13:59
  • Entries on the Blackberry App change from from mmol/l to mg/dl after syncing?
    by Jason on Nov 17th, 20:47
  • My test times were also incorrect when I synced them.
    by Jason on Nov 17th, 20:15
  • For good management of diabetes we need Fasting, 1 and 2 hrs after meals. Is it possible to get After meal 1 and After meal 2. spots
    by Doc ji on Nov 12th, 17:28
  • I agree with Dan! I actually paid for this app on my Blackberry about 2 months before they decided to have it for free! Bad customer service
    by RaisedFurr on Nov 12th, 12:52
  • why is Humulin not a choice for insulin
    by jp on Nov 9th, 21:33
  • John, can you send a email to from your inbox. We will reply to your mail, to make sure that you can receive our mail.
    by HandyMan7 on Nov 4th, 08:25
  • Not Working ???? INFO: Report emailed to your registered email address. My email is correct. and its not in my spam folder ?
    by John on Nov 3rd, 15:37
  • so email for sure is correct. Also it wont let me send a report to my reg. email ? check your settings email settings.
    by John on Nov 3rd, 12:25