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  • Kim091, We have opened a ticket for the same and will be addressing the issue in our new release.
    by HandyMan12 on Jan 24th, 10:21
  • Scott Sugar, refer our FAQ on pairing at
    by HandyMan12 on Jan 24th, 10:49
  • My test times show one hour earlier on the web site than entered on my phone. The time settings on web account are correct.
    by kim091 on Jan 21st, 09:02
  • I cannot pair with my this because it is not bluetooth? Also the units will not save and reverts back each time.
    by Scott sugar on Jan 19th, 22:50
  • I have just found this app for my bb and I am looking forward to it helping me alot, esp when i have to go to diabetes clinic
    by betts on Jan 18th, 10:48
  • Sorry not good enough. Times are changed when transferred from blackberry to web site. Other entries will not save correctly eg i tried to r
    by DR on Jan 8th, 06:23
  • JohnCW, we are working on this issue now.
    by HandyMan7 on Jan 8th, 05:55
  • My test time are 4 hours later in web account.. Please HandyMan help me to correct... I wanto go to premium service but only working! tks
    by JohnCW on Jan 4th, 20:23
  • JohnCW, problem might be is with the setting of time zone in your HandyLogs account.
    by HandyMan12 on Jan 3rd, 04:55
  • I upload data and in the web site the time is 4 hours later. The settings are OK.. please somebody can help?
    by JohnCW on Jan 1st, 20:05
  • adding Humulin in the category is simple. just go Edit Choices in New Entry and add once & for all
    by sjain on Jan 1st, 10:04
  • how do you distinguish between am and pm?
    by paloma4257 on Dec 23rd, 10:51
  • ginch, the insulin graph has been fixed.
    by HandyMan7 on Dec 13th, 14:27
  • CeeCeeK, apparently the Insulin graph was not working. It has been fixed now.
    by HandyMan7 on Dec 13th, 14:33
  • Nice app! I will consider premium if anyone can tell me the pros and cons as they see it! Thanks for any feedback.
    by noGMOever on Dec 13th, 13:52