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  • The times on the PC are not the same as the times on my blackberry, which makes it hard for reporting...
    by Krista on Mar 14th, 12:52
  • Why can't we enter posts in the BP program?
    by Copper Emeritus on Mar 14th, 11:47
  • Insulin Graph in BB OS6 locks up the phone for awhile then crashes the sugar app. How do I patch or update to fix this?
    by Makepeace on Mar 11th, 10:35
  • Are there any plans to automatically enable the keyboard when the screen is touch for touchscreen devices (specifically the BB Torch)? I can
    by David656 on Mar 1st, 12:11
  • when i sinc blackberry to pc time is non updated
    by mangini on Feb 24th, 06:25
  • You can delete my questions about the enries 252 & 203. I figured out it averages each days readings, right? Not sure Doc will like that.
    by Copper Emeritus on Feb 14th, 07:51
  • I deleted the 252 & 203 entries so it would make more sense to me & my Doc, but I think both of us will question the value of this program.
    by Copper Emeritus on Feb 13th, 21:43
  • Made 2 entries of 252 & 203 for glucose that show up in the log but not on the graph. If I do a four day filter it shows them. What's wrong?
    by Copper Emeritus on Feb 13th, 19:59
  • andy957, Yes our apps do run on BB OS6
    by HandyMan12 on Feb 9th, 20:06
  • Is Blackberry OS6 supported?
    by andy957 on Feb 9th, 10:36
  • Can't sync from my BlackBerry to the website. I see it was a problem 2 days ago but it still does not seem to be working. Any ETA on a fix
    by andy957 on Feb 9th, 08:04
  • Nevermind, got it :-)
    by ClintonWes on Jan 31st, 04:15
  • HELP! I can't register my blackberry!
    by ClintonWes on Jan 31st, 04:02
  • I hope this will be of help to me,
    by Jeneric on Jan 30th, 21:19
  • We are doing maintenance on the Sync server. If you are experiencing difficulty in syncing, please retry in a couple of hours.
    by HandyMan7 on Jan 28th, 09:44