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  • Why my reading is high after a good workout? Before the workout, I did not take any food....
    by joegor on Sep 8th, 23:55
  • I just downloaded this app, but I can't figure out how to get it if I'm offine. There isn't an app icon on my screen, & I have to access th
    by Janigan on Aug 9th, 14:47
  • Why when I enter 6.7 on mobile does it change it to 6.69? It is driving me crazy!
    by decimal places on May 25th, 08:14
  • experienced an outage today that lasted about 6hrs. It was due to a hardware failure.
    by HandyMan7 on May 15th, 17:39
  • Why are the times 1 hour behind when I save my sugar readings to te web site?
    by mraquatics on May 12th, 10:10
  • How do I synch to website from iPhone? We have that option on blackberry
    by Mann on May 5th, 00:01
  • Test Post Insulin/2-110324
    by HandyMan12 on Mar 23rd, 11:02
  • Test Post 1-110323
    by HandyMan12 on Mar 23rd, 11:03
  • Test Post
    by HandyMan12 on Mar 23rd, 10:27
  • Yes, posting is working now. Thanks.
    by Copper Emeritus on Mar 19th, 11:42
  • Why does the A1C not display in american as opposed to european readings
    by mpd on Mar 16th, 07:36
  • Copper Emeritus, Post is working as you can see. Might have been momentary hitch.
    by HandyMan12 on Mar 15th, 21:20
  • Makepeace, It is due to bug. It will be fixed in new release. For now, you should be able to use the online graphing.
    by HandyMan12 on Mar 14th, 14:12
  • Krista, can you please check the time setting under settings > preference.
    by HandyMan12 on Mar 14th, 14:36
  • Copper Emeritus, What message do you get when you try to enter data?
    by HandyMan12 on Mar 14th, 13:36