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  • hi everybody
    by sami on Nov 5th, 19:06
  • my dr change my nedicine from aranda 5/100 exforge hct 5/60/12.5 how lonh should takebthe new medicine to be effective?
    by Frankuito on Oct 30th, 09:07
  • Aadeeeel
    by aadel on Oct 24th, 07:08
  • Mahmoud
    by aadel on Oct 24th, 07:51
  • How can I link the app on my blackberry to the one on my netbook
    by Bill on Oct 19th, 09:57
  • Hard brobmil
    by vikram choudhary on Oct 5th, 01:29
  • Thank you Dr! I appreciate your reply!
    by Froggy on Oct 4th, 02:53
  • Hmmmm
    by scoobydoo on Oct 3rd, 22:26
  • how would I check my cholesterol ?
    by last leg's Les on Oct 2nd, 15:39
  • hello
    by tesss on Oct 2nd, 14:16
  • sachin
    by manisha on Oct 1st, 12:10
  • yogita
    by manisha on Oct 1st, 12:01
  • manisha
    by manisha on Oct 1st, 12:25
  • normal Bp is 120/80
    by Dr. No on Oct 1st, 10:00
  • Hi Guys! What is a normal BP reading?
    by Froggy on Sep 20th, 06:30