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  • que tal, Juanca??
    by Mr. Black on Feb 1st, 20:28
  • hola a todos
    by juanca on Jan 22nd, 19:09
  • Good night...
    by good on Jan 17th, 11:02
  • Hatiku hancur
    by good on Jan 17th, 11:50
  • how do I take my pressure?
    by Denis Abura on Jan 17th, 00:32
  • Hola
    by Denis Abura on Jan 17th, 00:32
  • hola!!
    by Mr. Black on Jan 12th, 22:42
  • Hello
    by Yarima on Jan 5th, 15:48
  • Yarima
    by Yarima on Jan 5th, 15:08
  • ghanem1960
    by ghanem1960 on Dec 26th, 21:25
  • Jamsl1960
    by ghanem1960 on Dec 26th, 21:24
  • SirJames: It's not clear whether you're asking abt your online entries or app entries. I usually load my entries online, save them then sync
    by heartlady on Dec 24th, 18:07
  • I am entering new bp readings and they are not showing. Do I need to uplad and delete?
    by sirjames on Dec 24th, 08:09
  • hi everyone
    by lugard on Dec 22nd, 13:07
  • They should already be linked blackberry and tablet
    by jimj on Nov 6th, 10:08