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  • Good night
    by DOCTOR on Jul 20th, 11:49
  • People actually talk over this thing
    by Krissii on Jul 17th, 16:33
  • Krissii on Jul 17th,4:59
    by Krissii on Jul 17th, 16:37
  • shubham sirana
    by shubham on Jun 20th, 08:42
  • im use
    by shubham on Jun 20th, 08:03
  • about date & time, its easy bcos it takes authomatically from z10
    by Jesusown on Jun 19th, 13:23
  • to change date or time you have to go into edit mode
    by jimj on Jun 12th, 09:57
  • desktop app and simply change it from there, if you can't get it to work on the Z10.
    by twa_mr on Mar 3rd, 11:14
  • My Z10 allows my to change the date and time. I simply touch it and it opens up. Another solution is to upload to the net. open the ...
    by twa_mr on Mar 3rd, 11:51
  • use BlackBerry z10 phone. app will not allow me to change date or time of bp entry. Help
    by miamiHeary on Feb 18th, 08:55
  • issue i cant change the date and time of yhe bp entry. uses time of entry.
    by miamiHeary on Feb 18th, 08:47
  • this is the weirdest chat site that i know.
    by confuzsays on Feb 17th, 03:28
  • Was up pple
    by Ugwe-city on Feb 16th, 03:12
  • gday mate how you going
    by confuzsays on Feb 15th, 04:52
  • Wats up
    by maniak on Feb 10th, 21:48