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  • how come i can't customize exercise on the bb app?
    by bluewater on Jan 3rd, 17:54
  • MissPretty, All the very best (Thinking aloud why fast for 12 day).
    by Polyman on Jan 3rd, 07:54
  • I am going to fast for 12 days wish me luck!
    by MissPretty on Jan 1st, 22:09
  • rikz, 4th menu item in HandyLogs Fitness App is Sync to website. Open this screen to pair. Once paired, the icon turns green from yellow.
    by HandyMan7 on Dec 31st, 13:02
  • where do you enter the pairing code? when I go to my blackberry I dont see any place to enter it....Thanks
    by rikz on Dec 31st, 12:31
  • Brand new to the site and BB app! Hello everyone
    by alhint on Dec 27th, 11:44
  • Just registered into this network and looking forward to meeting and chatting with Like minded fitness people. Merry Christmas to All .... R
    by drsamir on Dec 25th, 08:15
  • Is the sync a two way sync or just a backup in either direction?
    by TidyG on Dec 15th, 01:28
  • I need advice on how to get rid of heart burn. i have had it for 2 days now and it is bad. my mouth feels very dry and i cant sleep.
    by Miss Niki Nitro on Dec 9th, 08:58
  • so say, for bench-press i select exercise bench-press, set>1, reps>18, weight>120, again exercise bench-press, set>2, reps>12, Weight>160
    by Polyman on Dec 9th, 05:45
  • Big MD, instead of putting total no of set and same wt, in set text-box i write set-number, rep & weight with same exercise & date.cont>
    by Polyman on Dec 9th, 04:17
  • Is there a way to enter multiple weights for lifting. If you are in the 3 digit weights there is no way to add more than 2 different weight
    by Big MD on Dec 7th, 20:53
  • any can tell me how to get more definition on the arms
    by ptrican1 on Dec 1st, 09:10
  • Jpriest You can only sync your mobile device with your online HandyLogs account and not to your PC.
    by HandyMan12 on Nov 18th, 13:54
  • is there a way to put my info from my computer to my phone? i know how to put from my phone to comp
    by jpriest on Nov 17th, 19:45