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  • When I sync from my bb curve, the time the website shows is 2 hours later all other data is correct. I have set the settings to the time zo
    by Shane on Feb 22nd, 23:41
  • @copper: graphs cannot be exported. i think they are only images.
    by sjain on Feb 21st, 08:43
  • [Cont.] No junk food. high protein-low carb diet. Eat less,more often. Ideal 4-5 small meals/day. consult doc,incase med problem.
    by uno on Feb 18th, 09:40
  • Silsoh, 2 hours workout, morning and evening. Cardio, weight training and spinning exercises, squats and abdominal crunches. [cont...]
    by uno on Feb 18th, 08:04
  • How i can lost weight for less 4 weeks
    by Silsoh on Feb 17th, 12:45
  • How is the free version of this program working for everyone , is it very useful?
    by teddy on Feb 12th, 09:25
  • How come when I export data it will not export the graph? Am I missing something?
    by Copper Emeritus on Feb 10th, 16:39
  • ZeeQueenBee, All the Best for your endeavor. BTW what all fitness regime you are planning to follow to get in shape
    by Polyman on Feb 9th, 10:22
  • Hiya, Just opened this up after I downloaded the app, wish me luck. I have a lot of health issues and have been asked to keep a record of m
    by ZeeQueenBee on Feb 7th, 15:34
  • We are doing maintenance on the Sync server. If you are experiencing difficulty in syncing, please retry in a couple of hours.
    by HandyMan7 on Jan 28th, 09:00
  • I know you can add custom cardio exercises but what about gym exercises, such as calisthenics (i.e jumping jacks, calf raises, etc)?
    by dshcpa on Jan 26th, 21:43
  • Looking forward to using this app on my BB Bold -- That is, if I can ever get it to sync :-(
    by sailor47 on Jan 14th, 16:15
  • How do I sync BACK to my BB?
    by Robertas54 on Jan 11th, 08:41
  • (cont...).Opened a ticket for same & shortly will be publishing an update. Meanwhile use your online account to add ex and sync it with BB.
    by HandyMan12 on Jan 4th, 10:18
  • Bluewater, The option to add or delete the exercises is there but due to a bug the option is not enabled. (cont...)
    by HandyMan12 on Jan 4th, 10:13