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  • Any chance of bundling all the applications under one icon
    by AG on Jun 8th, 18:47
  • On the graph in BlackBerry, how do you change the scale of the Y axis?
    by cicero on Jun 5th, 15:56
  • Anyone have any tips on losing a stone really need to lose it ? Please !! Xx
    by i need to lose 1 stone tips ?? on Jun 4th, 04:57
  • Anyone know if there will be an android version?
    by Toolmin on May 30th, 20:14
  • alguien probo la version premium, comentarios
    by elebola on May 18th, 19:00
  • experienced an outage today that lasted about 6hrs. It was due to a hardware failure.
    by HandyMan7 on May 15th, 17:49
  • I can diet really well when Iím exercising why do I go so far of the rails when Iím not?
    by shtevly on May 12th, 10:55
  • I look like I weight 145 and actually I weight 165 how is that possible?
    by krazie_doll on May 3rd, 10:46
  • Lovesthesun79, Refer FAQ for problem on sync.
    by HandyMan12 on Apr 30th, 09:25
  • Solved the pairing problem with BB 9780. Deleted the app. Continue looking for one that works.
    by Rainbow on Apr 25th, 20:45
  • Hi, I am having problems syncing/pariing my device (blackberry app 9780). Anyone have tips??
    by Lovesthesun79 on Apr 24th, 16:54
  • que hago ahora con esto
    by WillMnrQ on Apr 20th, 15:45
  • hy people whats`up
    by WillMnrQ on Apr 20th, 15:43
  • Any thoughts on combining the Heart and Sugar apps into the Fitness app?
    by Mondo on Mar 1st, 11:11
  • zone I am in online and my phone shows the right data... anyone else experience this? Fix?
    by Shane on Feb 22nd, 23:38