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  • DutchessL
    by Dutchess on Oct 23rd, 16:56
  • Is handy logs more for independant use then sharing with others? It seems that most posts do not get a response.
    by MMMKing on Feb 13th, 19:28
  • How are you
    by Hai on May 15th, 15:31
  • back with Bang... Did a 5 mile in 42 min....
    by Polyman on Nov 25th, 11:42
  • Just wondering what the progress is on the iphone app??
    by psouth777 on Nov 12th, 08:52
  • the Fitness app, while a good idea and concept, seems greatly flawed. While specific data input can be tailored and modified AND saved, and
    by Greginpausa on Apr 24th, 07:17
  • Does anyone give feedback on member posts??
    by Stick2It on Apr 6th, 10:17
  • Just checking to in to see if someone can respond to my post dated Feb 1st... Any progress on the iPhone app? Hope to hear from someone a
    by Stick2It on Mar 15th, 11:52
  • Unable to register from device. it says Cannot connect to server!!! Pls help!!!!!
    by Anirudh Hingle on Mar 13th, 06:46
  • Any progress on the iPhone app? Hope to hear from someone about this soon. Thanks
    by Stick2It on Feb 1st, 11:24
  • Requesting better gym workout labels such as hip adduction, pectoral fly, rear deltoid. It would make it easier
    by mzgemz on Jan 28th, 13:07
  • @Z on The move. You can add a treadmill workout under Cardio
    by fbfca on Jan 16th, 11:22
  • -exercise screen should contain the last weight used
    by cipone on Jan 9th, 13:55
  • I have 2 suggestions that will make HandlyLogs Fitness really useable : -the edit choices should be editable - the exercise screen shou
    by cipone on Jan 9th, 13:33
  • How can I add a treadmill workout?
    by Z on The Move on Jan 7th, 13:55