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  • MCR, export data should now be working for diet.
    by HandyMan7 on Nov 17th, 10:20
  • Thanks! What else could I do? My problem areas are my lower tummy and thighs and hips!
    by krazie_doll on Nov 8th, 19:52
  • calibrate your food intake and physical workout to find right equilibrium. So put on your walking shoes and hit the track. All the Best:-)
    by uno on Nov 8th, 11:03
  • record calorie intake and calorie burned in doing physical activities. I USE HANDYLOGS apps to record my data. You can also do the same..
    by uno on Nov 8th, 11:19
  • to record your food intake and quality (avoid junk food) replace it with healthy food/salad etc. Also maintain your physical activity log..
    by uno on Nov 8th, 11:17
  • Incase of you have any medical condition, consult your doctor first before any workout. After the first week start maintaining a log...
    by uno on Nov 8th, 11:46
  • follow the routine for say a week and take an average of time distance pace. that will be your datum to monitor your improvement. cont..
    by uno on Nov 8th, 11:24
  • Krazie_doll How much time can you walk, at what pace, what distance. Start with say 2 mile. record your time in HandyLogs(HL) fitness. Con
    by uno on Nov 8th, 10:18
  • Ok, I start walking but for how much time? How many minutes?
    by krazie_doll on Nov 7th, 15:50
  • Krazie_doll To start with--- Start Walking :-)
    by uno on Nov 7th, 10:13
  • Help me!!!!
    by krazie_doll on Nov 5th, 08:50
  • I'm fat!!!! :(
    by krazie_doll on Nov 5th, 08:39
  • MCR, thanks for pointing it out. It appears to be some kind of malfunction. We will are looking at it now.
    by HandyMan7 on Nov 5th, 07:57
  • why does the export data for food consumption not work in Export Data when I have signed up for Premium?
    by MCR on Nov 5th, 01:57
  • terryriw, food catalog lookup has been fixed.
    by HandyMan7 on Oct 15th, 11:35